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Data Science studieren Werden Sie mit unserem Online-Studium zum weltweit gefragten Experten für Data Science & Big Data • berufsbegleitend • hoher Praxisbezug • flexibles Studienkonzept • akkreditiertes Studienangebot Jetzt informieren und Karriere als Data Scientist starten This master's degree program imparts skills that are necessary in order to handle the advancing digitization of many areas of society and the physical and life sciences. This concerns, for example, the collection, processing, analysis and interpretation of large digital data sets. To this end, the master's degree program conveys the key aspects of modern data science, which is characterized by a blending of the central fields of mathematics, statistics, computer science and machine learning.

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  1. The two-year Master's program in Data Science builds on the Bachelor's program of the same name and can be started in either the winter or summer semester. It is a joint proj­ect of the Faculties of Sta­tis­tics, Computer Science, and Mathematics, under the lea­der­ship of the Faculty of Sta­tis­tics. Since the areas of res­pon­si­bi­li­ty in this field of work and re­search are.
  2. Der Mannheim Master of Data Science ist ein bundes­weit einzigartiger, fächer­übergreifender Master­studien­gang.In Veranstaltungen aus den Fach­bereichen Wirtschafts­informatik, Soziologie, Politik­wissenschaft und Mathematik beschäftigen sich Studierende mit Big Data.In diesem Master­programm können Sie außerdem Kurse der interdisziplinären Forschungs­gruppe Data and Web.
  3. 83 Online Master's degrees in Germany. M.Sc. Computer Science - Data Science. Become a Data Scientist by mastering the skills to interpret data, formulate insights, and communicate... Contemporary Technology University. M.Sc. Computer Science - AI and Machine Learning
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  5. Top 10 Universities For Data Science In Germany In Data Science you will learn how to turn data into knowledge with the help of computers and how to translate that knowledge into solutions. It is a concept to unify statistics, data analysis and their related methods in order to understand and analyze actual phenomena with data
  6. This Master's degree programme imparts skills that are necessary in order to handle the advancing digitisation of many areas of society and the physical and life sciences. This concerns, for example, the collection, processing, analysis and interpretation of large digital data sets. To this end, the Master's degree programme conveys the key aspects of modern data science, which is characterised by a blending of the central fields of mathematics, statistics, computer science and machine.

Our Master in Applied Data Science curriculum provides students with the skills required to recognise and meet the data science needs of contemporary business, cross-functional, and understand the connected ethical ramifications. Students will master core data science and machine learning concepts in modules as well as gain company exposure and perspectives with our Cooperation Company Project Although degrees at public universities in Germany are largely free of charge, the same is not necessarily true for online courses. In addition to advanced training courses at public and private universities, it's primarily post-graduate degree courses that charge a fee. Generally speaking, there are only a handful of courses on highly specific topics that are free - so-called Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) which do not provide certified qualifications. There are also MOOCs which.

These methods and tools (covering big data and their analysis, data modelling, machine learning, and simulation methods) are located at the intersection of three subjects: computer sciences, mathematics, and statistics. Consequently, this new Master's programme at Trier University is jointly taught by lecturers from the fields of computer sciences, mathematics, and statistics (whereas other data science programmes typically only cover one or two of these fields). This ensures that graduates. The Mannheim Master in Data Science (MMDS) program is an interdisciplinary program jointly offered by the Web Science Group at the University of Mannheim, Institute of Mathematics, Institute of Business Informatics, Department of Sociology and Department of Political Sciences. The program primarily covers Data Management, Data Mining, and Text Mining, Predictive Analytics, Advanced Statistics

The Master's degree program in data science pays special attention to practical relevance and continuously updates course content to constantly changing situations in data science. This is reflected in design and project development themes, where students will work each semester on an industrial-, research- or their own start-up project. Our experienced instructors will teach you a broad. Der Data Science Master vermittelt dir umfassende Methodenkenntnisse zur fundierten Datenabfrage sowie zur intelligenten und automatischen Datenauswertung. Neben IT-Themen finden u.a. auch Unterrichtseinheiten zur Unternehmensanalyse und praxisnahe Beratungsprojekte statt The Master's program is explicitly not just for IT cracks. Prof. Wolter, Computer Science In the data science program application-oriented specialists are trained who can analyse the large data-sets that are already emerging today in various areas, derive knowledge from them and generate added value Our Bachelor, Master and MBA online courses offer innovative, modern online study programmes worldwide. Discover our highly flexible and high quality programmes or speak with our knowledgable Student Advisors to find out more This was all about Masters in Data Science in Germany! If you want to make a career in this field, get in touch with Leverage Edu, we will help you in selecting the right German university, course, scholarship and guide you throughout the application process. Book your counselling session with us and make your dream career a reality! Read In: ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (ਗੁਰਮੁਖੀ) Leave a.

Mit dem Masterstudium Data Science erweitern und vertiefen Sie Ihre Kenntnisse im Bereich der Datenanalyse und ebnen den Weg zu einer Karriere als Datenspezialist*in. Als Absolvent*in verfügen Sie sowohl über Data Science spezifischesFachwissen und Kompetenzen als auch Ihr spezifisches Wissen aus der beruflichen Fachdomäne Im Master Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSAI) lehren neben den ProfessorInnen der Fachrichtung Informatik, Sprachwissenschaft und Sprachtechnologie der Universität des Saarlandes auch WissenschaftlerInnen vom CISPA - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Informationssicherheit, dem Deutschen Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz, dem Zentrum für Bioinformatik Saar, vom Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik und vom Max-Planck-Institut für Software-Systeme. Eine deutschlandweit. Data Science mit Abschluss Master - 57 Studiengäng

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  1. Best Courses in Germany, UK, Switzerland and France for Data Science & Analytics Data has been spreading like wildfire in this digital modern world. With its insurmountable generation has come the need for experts to manage and comprehend the resource that is hidden within its 0s and 1s. Hence the birth of a relatively new field of Data Science/Data Analytics and its professionals called Data.
  2. g, statistical computing, Machine Learning algorithms, etc. with 24/7 online learning support
  3. destens 30 ECTS in Modulen mit informationstechnischem Schwerpunkt. Fehlen Ihnen entsprechende fachspezifische ECTS, können Sie diese durch einen Zertifikatskurs aus dem Cluster Informatik der Hochschule Fresenius erwerben. Für diesen Masterstudiengang benötigen Sie Kenntisse in den Bereichen Grundlagen der.
  4. Data Science and Big Data specialisations. Most Data Science and Big Data courses are offered as M.Sc. (Master of Science) degrees. It usually takes 1 or 2 years to graduate. While Data Science or Big Data courses offer a well-rounded education, it is impossible to be an expert in everything related to data. After graduation, you'll have to choose an area on which you want to focus. Some of the most popular specialisations are Data Engineering, Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Database.
  5. You can choose from two options when studying the Master in Project Management and Data Science: Be an online MPMD student. As an online MPMD student, you will take part in the classes fully online. The Online Master MPMD has the same qualification you would receive studying on-Campus, while giving you the advantage and flexibility of learning.
  6. The Data Science Master provides you with comprehensive methodological knowledge for well-founded data retrieval as well as intelligent and automatic data evaluation. In addition to IT topics, there are also teaching units on business analysis and practical consulting projects

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  1. or Informatics (or similar), which aim to specialize in Data Engineering and Analytics. Applicants need to have elementary skills in Informatics, especially foundations of Informatics and program
  2. Der Master-Studiengang Big Data & Business Analytics richtet sich an (Wirtschafts-)Informatiker, an Naturwissenschaftler, wie beispielsweise Mathematiker und Statistiker, und baut auf dem Wissen und den Kompetenzen aus dem Erststudium auf. Es sind auch Absolventen anderer Fachrichtungen angesprochen, die sich entsprechendes fachliches Know-how und Können durch ihre Berufserfahrung angeeignet haben. Big-Data-Spezialisten spannen den Bogen von Logik und quantitativen Methoden über.
  3. The International Master's Program in Data Analytics combines both, a deep and thorough introduction to cutting edge research in Machine learning, Big Data and analytical technology and complementary training in selected application domains. Data Analytics will provide students the knowledge and skills required for modeling and analysis of complex systems in application domains from business such as marketing and logistics as well as from science such as computer science and environmental.

Data Science. MSc. Data Science, Technology and Innovation. MSc, Postgraduate Certificate - PgCert, Postgraduate Diploma - PgDip, Professional Development Diploma. High Performance Computing with Data Science. MSc. High Performance Computing with Data Science (Online Learning To be accepted onto a Master's programme, it is an admission requirement to hold a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree on the same study path at TU Darmstadt or an equivalent qualification. Providing greater academic depth, the Master's programme builds on the first stage with successful completion resulting in a second degree Du interessierst Dich für den Studiengang Data Science? Hier findest Du alle Hochschulen, die diesen Studiengang in Deutschland anbieten. Hier findest Du alle Hochschulen, die diesen Studiengang in Deutschland anbieten Except from the German-taught Master course Applied Research in Engineering Science all the aptitude tests are tests where applicants don't have to appear in person. They have to upload documents proving their experience in the core area of the Master course in the PRIMUSS-application portal

Geological Sciences (Master´s programs) German (Master of Education) German Literature: Focus on Medieval Literature (Master´s programs) German Literature: Focus on Modern Literature (Master´s programs) German as a Foreign Language: Teaching Culture (Master´s programs) Global History (Master´s programs) H - K. History (Master of Education Bei uns können Sie berufsbegleitend einen M. Sc. (Master of Science) Data Science und Business Analytics mit einem Workload von 90 oder 120 CP erlangen. Durch ein umfangreiches Programm von Pflicht- und Wahlpflichtmodulen in den Bereichen Informatik, Wirtschaftsinformatik und Betriebswirtschaftslehre können Sie sich auf Inhalte von Business Analytics und Big Data fokussieren und Ihr Studium Online degree programs in data science may look different depending on which college you choose for your education. Each college has its own special plan for its students, making the experience unique between each university. Bachelor's programs are around 4 years, while masters can last 2 to 3 years for most students. Online doctoral programs can be anywhere from 2 to 4 years for students, depending on what level they have achieved prior to enrolling This new online master's program embodies the defining principles of Data Science, combining the leaders from both fields, to present a curriculum designed from the ground up to offer a solid foundational knowledge in Statistical theory upon which to build a Computer Science application. Course curriculum incorporates ideas and methods such as simulation, data visualization, data mining, data analysis, large scale data-based inquiry for big data, and non-standard design methodologies, along. For the University of Bonn, located in the German city of the United Nations, sustainability is an overarching issue of unique and central importance that affects all areas. Vice Rectorate for Learning, Teaching and University Development Professor Dr. Klaus Sandmann is the Vice Rector for Learning, Teaching and University Development. He is responsible for basic and inter-faculty matters in the areas of teaching and learning

Mit dem Master Data Science im Fernstudium an der AKAD meistern Sie diese Aufgaben mit Leichtigkeit. Sie bringen Ordnung und Struktur in das Daten-Chaos und helfen dabei, die gewonnen Informationen zu visualisieren und zu deuten. Neben Big Data beschäftigen Sie sich sowohl mit Maschinellem Lernen, Deep Learning und Künstlicher Intelligenz: So bietet Ihnen dieses Master. The Mannheim Master of Applied Data Science & Measurement is designed for professionals who want to enhance their data collection and analysis skills while pursuing their careers. This advanced online master's program will equip you with the skills necessary to tackle the fundamental ways data is generated and used. The multidisciplinary curriculum taught by international faculty from the world's top-ranked universities, statistical agencies, and businesses will prepare you for a wide.

As this system still is in German, you will find an English help guide at the bottom of this page showing how to fill out this forms. Please enter the data there, print the application PDF you receive and sign it. Afterwards please register at UNI-ASSIST, to apply for the permission to study in Germany which states the equivalence of your degree. Please be aware: Uni-Assist charges you and this costs can not be refunded in case of study rejection Data science analysis helps companies to analyze trends and predict the next big hit. If your calling is in the music industry, imagine joining companies like Spotify, Hungama, Saavn, Pandora etc. As a data science analyst, you assess market trends to help your company release relevant music that your audience is going to enjoy. Well, if you are interested in movies, check out how data science is already transforming the movie industry Consequently, this new master's programme at Trier University is jointly taught by lecturers from the fields of informatics, mathematics, and statistics (where other data science programmes typically only cover one or two of these fields). This ensures that graduates will have a broad knowledge of the discipline and will be able to approach actual problems from different angles. They will also be trained to be life-long learners, able to rapidly adapt to changing demands in their working. The data science online master's from the University of Wisconsin is a 12 course program for those planning to enter this exciting field or advance their career. Students will learn to harness the power of big data using state-of-the-art tools and methods. There are no on-campus meetings or requirements. Students can access course content from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The.

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The program is designed as a consecutive Master's program to our Bachelor in Data Science. All contents of the Bachelor are therefore assumed to be known. An online self-assessment test is available for you to check your previous knowledge. The processing of the test prior to your application is obligatory, please be conscientious in processing it. Without a bachelor in Data Science from our department, you will most likely be missing some of the content from our bachelor's. Data Science | Master 4 Term Standard duration of studies; Start of degree program generally in winter term The degree program starts for freshmen generally in winter term. Under the condition of consent of the Examination Committee it is possible also to enroll for summer term but this may cause a prolongation of standard duration of studies. The start of the degree program in an advanced. In Germany, it's exactly the opposite; over 60 universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS) are present in the most important international university rankings. German higher education institutions have excellent standards, high expectations, and empower students to become leaders in their academic (and future professional) fields HSE's Master of Data Science is the first fully English-taught online data science Master's from a Russian university. Unlike many online degrees in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, this degree has no on-campus requirements. All meetings, coursework, and live class sessions are taught in English and replicate the practitioner's work environment of real data scientists using Python, Github, and modern apps like Slack and Zoom

DePaul University has an online master of science in data science degree that is a 52 graduate quarter credit hour program that includes coursework in Python programming and fundamentals of data science. With a student to faculty ratio of 15 to 1, the program is looking for candidates with related professional experience. DePaul University charges an online, graduate tuition rate of $835 per credit hour for this program. The school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Big data analytics goes far beyond simple data analysis: it will be essential to solving the economic challenges of the future. As you all know that the amount of data available today is growing rapidly. In this master's program, you will learn the complete data science process from data collection to data storytelling. In applying state-of-the.

85% Scholarship for Online programs at IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany is open for International Students Except for Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The scholarship allows Bachelor, Masters level programm(s) in the field of Data Science, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Finance, Accounting, Engineering Management taught at IU International University of Applied Sciences, IU International University of Applied Sciences . The deadline. Students interested in earning a master's in data science can review this page and look through our StudyMatch™ sponsored programs to learn more about the variety of resources and benefits available to them. Below, we highlight the best online master's in data science programs of 2020, common coursework at the master's level, common concentration opportunities, admission requirements. The Masters programme in Management & Data Science prepares students to take on responsibilities involving analytical, conceptual, consulting, and strategic work. Graduates have a wide range of career options available to them, ranging from business consulting to corporate leadership position as well as data scientists, data engineers or specialist tracks in information-intensive organizations.

Computer science (data modelling and software development), Quantitative methods (operations research, statistics) and; Business administration. Proof of English language proficiency (not older than 2 years) on the level of C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) No knowledge of German is necessary for the M.Sc. in Information Systems, although it would. Master of Science (MSc) in Applied Statistics. Applied statistics is a key tool to help us navigate the information society, enabling us to effectively collect, integrate, and analyze data. Applied statistics helps us to develop and apply general methods and tools to analyze large and complex amounts of data from different sources for objective analysis. Applied statistics is also an. The online master of science in data analytics degree designed by Slippery Rock University is a 33 credit hour program that can be completed in ten months full-time or two years part-time. Slippery Rock University has a long history as a teaching school, and they take justifiable pride in the preparation of students for taking the CAP (Certified Analytics Professional) Exam and for training.

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A Masters (MS) degree in Computer Science has always been one of the most sought-after foreign degrees, at least for the Indian students. When it comes to the top countries for pursuing Masters in Computer Science abroad, Germany is one of the top choices for international students. In this post, we will look at the different key info on Masters (MS) in Computer Science in Germany - top. Master of Science (M.Sc.) German Master of Education (M.Ed.) German Master of Education (M.Ed.) - Extension subject (120 ECTS credits) German Master of Education (M.Ed.) - Extension subject (90 ECTS credits) German as a Second Language/Intercultural German language and literature studies

Germany. Technical University of Munich's Master of Science in Mathematics in Data Science.This master's program is oriented towards students who want to receive a high-profile education in mathematics with an emphasis on the burgeoning area of Big Data. Graduates of this program are qualified to understand in detail complex techniques for data editing and data analysis, how to adapt complex. Based on the German government's estimations, a foreign student studying in Germany needs to have in his bank account at least €861 per month or €10,332 as proof of financial resources per year to cover himself while in Germany. If you don't possess this amount of money you won't be permitted to get a student visa and study for a master's degree in Germany Why Study Masters in Data Analytics in Canada?. For a considerable length of time, Big Data has been one of the most blazing points in innovation: Data Scientists are sought after, and an ever-increasing number of colleges in Europe are offering specific Data Science Masters degrees Master Thesis Template : Please follow the following template for writing your master thesis. Master Thesis Template: Frequently Ask Questions Q1 Can I write my master thesis with a company? We are happy to supervise a Master thesis jointly with our partner companies and also with new partners. The topic needs to have a clear relation to Machine Learning or Data Science and be at the current.

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Learn data science online today. Advance your career as a data scientist with free courses from the world's top institutions. Join now Data science programs offered by universities outside of the United States vary. If you're considering studying data science abroad, it's best to investigate programs individually as your personal interests and circumstances dictate Gaining a Masters in Business Intelligence and Analytics can open the door to careers in business, data management, cybersecurity and various other industries where reliance is on data-driven decision making, predictive analysis and data discovery visualisation. Your strong numerical skills with the ability to apply correct statistical techniques for decision making will be highly valued by. IU International University of Applied Sciences. Get the career you want with the right Master's degree at IU! Top-level English-taught online degrees, German quality Natural Sciences & Mathematics. Social Sciences. Weekly Live Webinars. Studying abroad is a life choice that involves many decisions. To help you on your way to study in Germany, we offer approx. 100 live webinars per year - on all relevant topics. See all upcoming webinars. In 4 days. How to apply via Uni-assist. Your university says that you should apply through uni-assist and you don't know.

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Russia's first English-taught Master's programme which is implemented entirely online on Coursera learning platform. This programme aims to train highly qualified specialists in data science, who are able to solve data analysis problems, work with machine learning models and data collection infrastructures, develop effective problem-solving algorithms, and conduct research in areas connected. Data Science Related Research Groups at RWTH Aachen University. Photo: Martin Braun. read more... zu: Research Groups Partners. Research Partners of RWTH Aachen University. Photo: Mario Irmscher. read more... zu: Partners. Contact. Chair of Process and Data Science. Ahornstrasse 55 RWTH Navigator. 52074 Aachen. Work Phone: +49 241 80 21901. Fax Fax: +49 241 80 621901. Send Email. top. Footer.

The bachelor or master of education is only awarded by TUM School of Education. All other degree programs award the bachelor or master of Science or of Arts. Degree program lets you choose the specific program you wish to apply for. Usually, Entrance Semester is 1 if you wish to start a new degree program. If the selected. Die Vermittlung von Informationskompetenz ist kein neues Thema an deutschen Hochschulen. Durch den allgemein verfügbaren Zugang zum Internet und die zentrale Rolle, die Online-Medien im täglichen Leben spielen, gewann das Thema in den letzten Jahren jedoch stark an Bedeutung. Die große Anzahl an Online-Medien stellt Benutzer aller Altersgruppen und Bildungswege vor die großen. Local admission restrictions with a selection procedure (ONC) apply. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available study places, a selection is made on the basis of the final grade of the first study programme Studienabschluss: Master of Science Regelstudienzeit: 4 Semester Studienbeginn: jeweils zum Sommer- und Wintersemester Das Studium ist durchgängig englisch-sprachig konzipiert. In der heutigen globalisierten Wirtschaftswelt tragen Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten zur Modellierung und Analyse von großen und komplexen Daten zum Wettbewerbsvorsprung aller Wirtschaftsbereiche bei. Die Entwicklung. Medical Data Science Master of Science (M.Sc.) der RWTH Aachen Die Medizinische Fakultät der RWTH Aachen mit dem Institut für medizinische Informatik unter der Leitung von Professor Dr. med. R. Röhrig und die RWTH International Academ

In this coming winter semester, the University of Göttingen is establishing a Master's programme in Applied Data Science. Students will specialise in dealing with large amounts of data, and how to gain meaningful insights from the data sets. The programme is taught in English and leads to a Master of Science (MSc) in four semesters. Göttingen University is the first university in Lower Saxony to offer both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Applied Data Science Der Master Data Science ebnet Dir den Weg für eine erfolgreiche Karriere im Technologiesektor. 120 und 60 ECTS Sprache: Englisch,Deutsc If you are looking for a Master's program in Germany. Many universities provide master's in data science.Germany is a great spot to pursue master's in data science. Some names are here of universities-1- TU Dortmund. 2-University of Gottingen. 3- University of Applied Science Darmstadt. 4- University of Mannheim. 5- Frankfurt School of Finance Managemen IU International University of Applied Sciences (34 Masters) IU International University of Applied Sciences - Online (21 Masters) Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (2 Masters) Institute of Executive Capabilities, Steinbeis University Berlin (4 Masters) International Psychoanalytic University Berlin (1 Master

www.iais.fraunhofer.d Mit einem Master Abschluss erlangst du nach einem grundständigen Studium, wie einem Bachelor, Diplom oder Magister, einen zweiten akademischen Grad. Im Schnitt dauern Masterstudiengänge in Deutschland zwei bis vier Semester. Oft ist das Studium auch in Teilzeit möglich, dauert dann allerdings länger. Wer eine Promotion anstrebt, muss üblicherweise ein Masterstudium vorweisen. In Unternehmen sind Bewerber mit Master zwar gern gesehen, meist reicht aber der Bachelor für den. Our online degrees will transform your intellectual skills and career prospects through transformational learning activities and materials that surpass student expectations. You will be able to study while you work, without the need to relocate, as our programmes are taught 100% online. 3 Data Science ist ein hochaktuelles Thema, das als Querschnittsthema fast überall immer mehr an Bedeutung gewinnt - von den Naturwissenschaften über die Ingenieurwissenschaften bis hin zur Medizin. Data Science beschäftigt sich mit der Extraktion von Wissen und verwertbaren Informationen aus Daten. Dabei sind die verfügbaren Datensätze oft sehr umfangreich, heterogen, und zum Teil. Our Data Science graduates can be found working in open innovation settings and leading technology companies. Some have even gone on to launch their own successful start-ups and consultancies. Ready to join their ranks? Then enrol today and start driving the digital transformation with Data Science! Is this Programme for Me? Our Data Science Master's programme is open to applicants with.

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Browse over 200 data science courses. Whether you are looking to accelerate your career, earn a degree, or learn something for personal reasons, edX has the courses for you. Of all edX learners: 73% are employed. Of all edX learners: 45% have children. Based on internal survey results The Applied Data Science Module is delivered online to enable students to participate in a flexible yet rigorous continuing education program to amplify their skills and knowledge. To apply, applicants fill out a profile on their educational history and technical skillset, which takes about 20 minutes to complete Study in Germany with Carl Duisberg! Their placement experts can help you find the perfect study program or German course! With more than 40 years of experience in helping students study in Germany, let Carl Duisberg be your guide! 10 May 2021, 06:00 AM (America/Los_Angeles) 60 minutes. live via Zoom Master Online. Keine Master-Online-Studiengänge vorhanden. Master Doppelabschluss. Keine duale Studiengänge angeboten. Fakultät Mehr. Name Prof. Dr. Thomas Burgartz Funktion Dekan Fakultät Business & Studiengangsleiter Corporate Management (M.Sc.), Iserlohn Telefon +49 2371 776 554 E-Mail thomas.burgartz@ue-germany.com; Name Prof. Dr. Welcome to our International Master's Program in Machine Learning! The University of Tuebingen collaborates closely with the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics and they form together one of leading research hubs for machine learning in Europe and world-wide. This manifests in several recent initiatives

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* Analyse von Portfolios mit modernsten Data-Science-Methoden * Master -Studium der Mathematik , Physik , Informatik , Data Science oder Statistik * Kenntnisse in Programmiersprachen für Data Science (z. B. R, Python) Planen Sie mit uns Ihre berufliche Zukunft und verstärken Sie unser Data Analytics-Team im Fachbereich der Personen-Rückversicherung am Standort Hannover ab sofort unbefristet in Vollzeit als Data Scientist (m/w/d) für Aufbau und Weiterentwicklung einer Datenanalyse-Lösung Contact. Chair of Process and Data Science. Data Science at RWTH. Ahornstrasse 55 RWTH Navigator. Work. Phone: +49 241 80 21901. Fax. Fax: +49 241 80 621901. Send Email

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Online data science degrees on Coursera are powered by technology that helps you spark meaningful connections with faculty and your peers. Throughout the program, you may attend online lectures from anywhere and interact directly with professors and classmates. On every step of your learning journey, you'll have access to a dedicated online student support team. Get help to resolve sticking points so you can master new concepts and gain data science Essay Data Science (in which you look at the developments and perspectives of Data Science as well as your planned area of specialisation, and your previous experience; max. 1,000 words) Proof of proficiency in English (see requirements) When you start your online application you will see the details on the information and the type of documents required. You may also submit other documents.

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Data Science. Data is the currency of the digital economy. Get the analytical skills you need to cash in. Embedded Systems. The skills - and confidence - you need to compete in the lucrative field of embedded systems. Human Computer Interaction and Design. Design the intuitive user interfaces that define how we interact with our smart devices. Application. Application Period 2 closed on 12. German-French Master's Program in History (master's) with the Université Paris 1, Panthéon Sorbonne (France) Political Science (double master's degree) with the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (Spain) Political Science (double master's degree) with the University of Stockholm (Sweden) Master of Science in Management (European triple degree) with emlyon business school (Lyon, France. Master of Science. Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and applications are designed to solve complex real-world challenges across many industries. Among the most sought-after IT professionals, AI specialists will find a wealth of exciting career opportunities in the most innovative companies across the globe. Artificial Intelligence at EUC. The MSc in Artificial Intelligence at EUC aims to.

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Master. Mit dem Master-Abschluss - Master of Science, Master of Engineering oder MBA - der Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule warten interessante Aufgaben mit Karriereperspektiven in zukunftsträchtigen Berufsfeldern auf Sie! Und wenn Sie nach Ihrem Master-Studium eine Promotion anstreben, unterstützen wir Sie auch bei diesem Schritt You will find an overview of all German higher education institutions offering courses in data science here: Higher Education Compass: data science AI research institutes in Germany German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) The DFKI is Germany's leading business-related research institution in the field of artificial intelligence The Barcelona GSE Data Science Master's program enabled me to follow my dream and to transition from Economics to Computational Neurosciences. The program provides the perfect structure to acquire deep theoretical insights as well as fundamental skills required to execute a complete data-driven project. BGSE's unique learning environment, selection of outstanding students as well as the world leading expertise of the faculty provide an unforgettable experience in one of the worlds most. Universität Hamburg offers two kinds of master's programs: Consecutive master's programs build upon specific bachelor's programs. As a rule, they are two to four-semester programs which build upon, deepen or expand previous bachelor's programs by adding an interdisciplinary focus

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You cannot edit personal data after creating a TUMonline account. Errors and typs are corrected once we review your documents. Leare more about modifying data in the online application. The application documents will be uploaded to the online application. Once you submit your online application, uploaded documents may no longer be exchanged. You do not have to submit hardcopies of your documents until you receive an offer of admission. Only after admission will you have to submit hardcopies. Study digital business and data sciences in order to increase your opportunities to enter the professional life in the digital ecosystems and organisations: Digital Business Leader & Strategist. Digital Business Development Manager. Digital Innovation Manager, Digital Product. Service Designer and Developer. Digital Marketing Manager Master of Science Geoinformatics; Geoinformatics in Münster; Master Study Program; Course Guidance; Practical information ; Application Procedure ; Formal criteria for admission ; Courses/Lectures; Selection timing ; M.Sc. Geoinformatics and Spatial Data Science. We are excited to announce that our master's program has been reaccredited by the German Accreditation Council, and has been. German, and partly English: Fees and contributions: 171.75 € / SemesterApplication procedure : Consecutive master's programmes with access restriction: Application deadlines: Information about deadlines can be obtained after you have put together a degree program. Course Content. The Master's degree programme in Applied Computer Science enables students to further their knowledge of the.

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The data scientists earn about 2.5x greater than the average. Tune here to learn top 21 institutes to get a Masters in Data science. The employment search company Indeed says that the average salary of a data scientist in the United States is $119,705 per year, while the overall average salary stands at $47,060.. Of course, there are professionals from other fields with higher numbers, but. Germany is the most popular option for international students looking to study in Europe, recognised for its high-quality education of which you can experience with GISMA.^ ^According to statistics and data from ICEF monitor. *The scholarship applies to the April and June 2021 intake only. A 20% scholarship applies to other intakes The Data Science master's program, jointly led by the Computer Science and Statistics faculties and administered through the Institute for Applied Computational Science (IACS), trains students in the rapidly growing field of data science. Data Science lies at the intersection of statistical methodology, computational science, and a wide range of application domains. The program offers strong. Wasser- und Umweltingenieurwesen (Water and Environmental Engineering) Entrance requirements: a first final degree issued by a higher education institution (university e. g. / degree Bachelor of Science e. g.) and language skills (for further details please have a look at the relative course of study) Degree: Master of Science (M. Sc. Zum sachgerechten Umgang mit Patienten- oder Kundendaten, Aktienkursen und -renditen sowie Wetter- oder Klimainformationen braucht man Kenntnisse aus der Statistik, der Informatik und der Mathematik. Im Studiengang Data Science werden diese Fächer kombiniert. Studierende erlangen die Befähigung zu statistischen Datenanalysen und gleichzeitig tiefere Einsichten in Konzepte und Methoden der Informatik

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